About us

It’s not every day that you find an innovative and dynamic team of security service providers committed to providing solutions. It’s not every day you meet a security firm that is dedicated to keeping its word in regards to excellent security services provision. A majority of businesses preach water and drink wine. Very few companies meet the standards they claim. There are many security companies in the UK and elsewhere, all promising to deliver the same services, except with a level of meticulousness. So how would you know the one company that is true to its word? Well, you can't say, until you try. But you have tried and still haven’t found the one. But have you tried Supreme Guarding?

The name speaks for itself. When it comes to security, we are Supreme. We deliver what we promise. Find hundreds of our clients in our portfolio that can attest to this fact. And we don’t just offer services. We deliver them with style, uniqueness and quality. We just love what we do. So, forgive us for giving an extra touch in our manned guarding solutions. Pardon us when our guards are extra friendly with the clients. We are sorry when our officers step in other duties in addition to their responsibilities. But what would you rather us do? We are Supreme Guarding, and we have a reputation to keep.

A Reputation To Keep

When evaluating impeccable security services, Supreme Guarding is the benchmark. You can’t mention integrity in security service delivery and fail to mention us. Other security companies just can’t keep up to the level of competition that we bring.

By now, you understand why our guards go an extra mile in the delivery of security services. That’s because a lot is demanded of them.

Everyone with ambition in providing security services wants to join us, but we only take the best of the best. Our selection process is very discriminative, sorry to say. We are choosy right from background checks to the training of our guards and to the selection of a few who have the privilege of representing us. We just don’t settle for less. We can’t afford to risk the reputation of our integrity nor our excellence in service delivery. So, we vet our members based on the highest British standards BS7858 for staff members and BS7499 for security officers and mobile patrol. The training of security officers itself is very rigorous, incorporating all aspects of security situations. We can assure you that supreme guarding officers are ready to face anything that comes between them and the execution of their duties.

Unique Services

Have you seen the full list of the services we offer? We are proud that we provide a full range of security management services. From manned guarding to dog handling. We provide these services to hotels and construction sites alike. Now, many firms may make you believe that a security plan will suit all scenarios, and you won’t have to dig deeper in your pockets to fund the same service for different situations. That’s a lie. And we are here to tell you the truth; that different scenarios mean different security threats and therefore call for different strategies in dealing with the same.

Change is inevitable, even for the same scenario. And that’s why we are always trying to find updated solutions to handle security issues. And the answers most of the times are not found outside, they are within. Our very own security officers, most of the times come up with workable solutions for your security needs.

You see, we believe in accountability, and we always insist that our officers account for events on our client’s premises. So, anytime, you will find a logbook of what has happened on an eventful day or not. Now that we have when we have a reference, we can keep tabs and develop solutions effectively. In addition, we conduct regular meetings as well as training programs that have updated security solutions.

Happy Staff

We invest in our staff because we believe they are our most valuable asset. We understand that less motivation can rain down on our reputation as a company. So we pay them handsomely and add benefits and incentives as icings on the cake.

We take pride in maturing our own. We know that we wouldn’t be Supreme Guarding without their efforts. At the end of the day, it’s not about our reputation. It’s all about our security officers. How we nature them and the genuine care we give for what they need. In turn, they reflect the same to you, our clients. And that’s how we remain supreme in security service delivery. Supreme Guarding is who we are. And that’s all about us.