Dog Handling

Supreme Guarding Services Ltd dog handling provides professional dog handlers giving our clients confidence and peace of mind, whilst providing a reassuring presence, enhancing the general site security with a different approach.

The visible deterrent of an active, professionally trained dog will compliment any security assignment.

A professionally trained dog and handler can at times complete a role security officers cannot – making Supreme Guarding Services Ltd Dog Handling highly effective, affordable and a practical security solution.

With today’s ongoing challenges, a professional general purpose dog is required for a wide spectrum of assignments:

  • Site preservation
  • Theft of site materials
  • Vandalism
  • Arson
  • Breaches of security into existing buildings

Our Dog Handling Services are fully compliant with the requirements of BS 8517-1:2016 Security Dogs – Code of Practice for the use of security dogs and the Guard Dogs Act 1975.

Within our Dog Handling Section, we have highly professional trained security dogs and dedicated handlers to provide additional site protection to meet our clients needs. Additional services are available which include dedicated Security Dog Patrol Service.